Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute


Student sponsorships

Although we ask the students to fund their study themselves, most of the students who come to Chagpori are.. More

Sponsoring the children of the staff

Over the years the families of some of the staff members have increased in size.. More

Herbal camps

As a part of their curriculum the students spend one day every week collecting herbs in the nearby hills.. More

Clinics at Darjeeling and Kurseong
For a long time we wanted to open clinics in the surrounding areas, especially in Darjeeling.. More

New Car
Transport is essential. Although the office and one of the clinics is in Darjeeling, the college is in Takdah.. More

Museum display items

Under Indian law, all college institutions are required to have a museum.. More

Plant preservation efforts

Herbs are the raw materials of Tibetan medicine and there is a very long-standing tradition in the use.. More